Holistic Massages

Massage is deeply relaxing, calms the mind and helps you revive and unwind from everyday life.  A perfect way to soothe tense muscles whilst allowing your mind to be still and peaceful.

Each massage is tailored to suit your individual needs using a variety of techniques from my ‘toolbox’ including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, fascial and stretching. Continuous flowing movements aid relaxation and deeper techniques can also be applied to help breakdown any tension nodules and reduce muscle tension. During your massage blood flow is increased, vital nutrients and oxygen are transported around your body and detoxification is increased which assists you to feel and stay healthy.  

I offer beautiful pre-blended aromatherapy oils to my clients, enabling you to choose a blend to suit your mood and requirements.  Click here to see the current oils available to you. 

Prior to any treatment, a free consultation will be carried out with you where details of your medical history, prescribed medication, lifestyle and your objectives will be taken. This information is required to ensure that treatment is safe for you to proceed and is tailored to your needs. I treat this sensitive information as strictly confidential and don't share this.

Due to Covid-19 - Only appointments available are 45 minutes maximum - tailored to your needs - £36 (Until further notice)

When I return to a full timetable... 

Back, Neck and Shoulders: 30 minutes £28 | 45 minutes £36 | 60 minutes £45 |

Upper Body Massage: 60 minutes £45
(Back, shoulders, chest, neck, arms, hands, face and scalp)

Tired Legs and Feet: 45 minutes £36

Full Body Massage: 60 minutes £45 | 75 minutes £50 | 90 minutes £60

Hot Stone Massage (Salon only) 

Heated smooth basalt stones are used to carry out the massage strokes and melt tension away.  The heat from the hot stones is transferred to your body, giving a lovely warm feeling plus softening and relaxing tired muscles quicker and more deeply than a standard massage.  The Basalt stones were formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago, and are used for their healing energy.

Hot Stone Back Massage: 30 minutes £30| 45 minutes - £38 |60 minutes £50

Full Body Hot Stone Massage: 90 minutes £65

Additional Reiki 

You can add a Reiki treatment to your chosen massage to receive both benefits in one appointment:

Additional Reiki: 30 minutes £18 / 60 minutes £35