Tuesday 17 February 2015

Reiki explained

Have you heard about Reiki but don’t know what to expect?  A Reiki treatment is peaceful and gentle to receive, producing powerful results for some individuals.  It’s a treatment I totally love doing and to experience a session is really the best way to understand it but if you are cautious about trying Reiki for the first time then keep reading to see how easy it is. 

Receiving Reiki assists your body in its natural healing ability by helping to balance and restore your natural energy flow. Negative thoughts or emotions can disturb your energy flow which can result in you feeling unwell.  We are all made up of energy that flows in and around our body and any blocks of this energy can eventually manifest into illness. Reiki can assist you to feel better within yourself and can help your body to heal.  If you need Reiki for a specific aliment or current emotional problem, by receiving a few sessions very close together this should really get to the route of the energy blockage and help it come to the surface to be released.

During your Reiki session

Before any treatment proceeds we will discuss the reason for your session and if there are any issues you are looking for help with.  The session will not be rushed and making sure you feel at ease and comfortable is important to me. 

The Reiki treatment is carried out whilst you are lying fully clothed on the massage couch.  I provide a warm blanket and heated under blanket to keep you warm and cosy if you would like.  You will start by lying on your back for the first part of the session and then turn onto your front for the second part, but if that’s not comfy for you we can choose a way that works best for you. 

To begin the actual Reiki, I will hold my hands over your head and the energy will start the flow to you. I will hold this position for as long as I feel necessary before moving my hands to the next position. These hand placements can be either held a few inches away from your body or actually in contact with you and this will be discussed prior to your session starting.  The hand placements will gradually move down your body, which includes the 7 major chakras and continues down to your feet.  If I feel or sense an area that needs more healing time, then I will continue to hold my hands in that position until I feel ready to move on.  Once I’ve completed your whole body and have reached your feet, I return to any areas that I feel need further healing. 

During your treatment energy will be passing into your body through my hands, to the areas needed.  I find that each client’s experiences differ and are personal to them.  You will become deeply relaxed during the treatment and may see colours or images may come into your mind.  You may feel the heat from my hands and often this will continue after my hands have moved position. 

How will I feel after?

Everyone is different, so your experience will be personal to you. It can be an amazing and moving experience where you will most likely feel slightly difference and more positive after your treatment. You can feel re-energised and better within yourself.  

After your treatment I will explain where I felt any energy blockages and this often correlates with an existing illness, chakra imbalance or pain you are experiencing.

To gain maximum results after your treatment, it’s best to listen to what your body needs and give it time to heal.  Old thoughts or emotions may come to the surface, which need confronting and dealing with.  It’s always advisable to drink plenty of water after your treatment, as the toxins have been moved and need to be eliminated.  Continuing to receive Reiki treatments will help with your well-being and your body’s natural healing ability.

Who can practice Reiki

You can channel Reiki energy once have you have been attuned and taught by a Reiki Master and anyone can learn. The attunement process gives you higher vibratory levels, provides you with the Reiki symbols used and the ability to channel the Reiki energy.  This energy is never sent by the healer, it is drawn by the recipient to the areas where it is needed most.  Each Reiki practitioner should be able to follow their lineage back to the original Reiki master Dr Mikao Usui who first discovered the healing abilities of Reiki.

If you have never experienced this lovely treatment I hope this encourages you to find a therapist near you to work with and feel the benefits for yourself.

For further reading and more information about Reiki, its benefits and history can be found on the Reiki pages website http://www.reikipages.co.uk/pages/about-reiki/.  

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