Monday 16 September 2013

Massage, it’s more than just relaxing!

During your massage, you will feel deeply relaxed in your mind and body, however your body is going through lots of changes.  As your tense muscles relax, stiff joints loosen and nerves are soothed leaving you with a great feeling of relaxation and well-being, however more is happening within your body.

Each massage starts off with relaxing Effleurage flowing strokes which helps to warm the muscles and soothes the sensory nerve endings signalling to your body to relax.  The nervous system is made up of a complex network of millions of nerve endings which relays messages from the brain to the rest of the body and these are soothed during the massage.

The flowing strokes work in an upwards motion encouraging the circulation of blood back to the heart, helping to increase and improve your circulation.  Our blood vessels carried vital oxygen and nutrients throughout our body to cells, muscles and internal organs.  Our body eliminates and filters waste products, fatty acids and aids digestion of fat through lymph flow.  Massage is a means to increase the lymph flow circulation therefore increasing the elimination of waste products from the body.  If your lymphatic system is working efficiently this provides a stronger immune system to you body.  Due to the release of these toxins sometimes you may get a headache after your massage which should pass within 24-48 hours.

Whilst receiving your massage your muscles are stimulated and relaxed due to the kneading methods which are used.  These techniques work directly on the muscles and with the improved blood flow are nourished and fed helping to maintain their tone and elasticity.  Also this improved blood flow carries away any built up toxins quicker and muscle fatigue can be reduced.  

On your fatty or muscular areas of the body hacking movements are used to help with the breakdown of the fatty tissues and tones and strengthens muscles.  These fast movements bring lots of fresh nutrient rich blood to the surface and can feel invigorating.  It can aid sluggish circulation and is good for any areas of cellulite as it breaks down the fatty deposits.

Your skin benefits by the increased blood circulation which helps in the exfoliation of the loose dead cells and encourages the renewal of new skin cells.  It also helps with skin tone as massage helps maintain the collagen fibers which gives the skin it’s elasticity and strength.

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