Online Headaches Sessions

Tension Headache Clinical Massage programme

Do you suffer from tension type headaches?

I'm conducting a 12 week research study into tension type headaches. As part of this, I'm offering 6 weeks of online massage sessions for the treatment of headaches to a limited number to people. These sessions have been created with the focus on treating your headaches and relaxation. This is a great opportunity to join my sessions and see if you can take control of your headaches. 

In exchange for your time I'm looking to measure the success of these online sessions on your headaches.  

This study is part of my BTEC Level 6 qualification in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage offered by Jing Advanced Massage.


 To be included in the study, do you have the following headache symptoms: 

  • Regular headaches lasting more than 30 minutes, during the last 3 month period.
  • Headache symptoms: Pain in both sides of the head, face or neck. Mild to moderate intensity. Pressing or tightening around the head (non pulsating) quality.

I am afraid if you fall into the below categories, I won't be able to include you in this study but can certainly help you outside of the study: 

  • Pregnancy.
  • Previous whiplash or head/neck trauma. 
  • Migraine type headaches: Pulsating pain, moderate to severe pain, pain aggravated by physical activity and nausea or vomiting. 

What’s involved 

The study should be starting around the end of March and is FREE in exchange for your commitment to the 12 week programme.

The first 6 weeks: this is about understanding your headaches and how these affect you. Therefore, it involves completing a very quick questionnaire weekly so that we can establish a baseline of your headaches. The questionnaires can be completed easily on a smart phone, laptop or tablet and I will send links to the questionnaire each week. 

During weeks 7-12 of the study: I will be providing weekly 45 minute Zoom online guided clinical massage sessions, together with a follow-up video of the stretches. Each session will be provided to small group with a limit of 5 people and held on Sunday and Monday afternoons. 

Online Sessions: Each online session will involve mobilisation of neck and shoulders, stretches, guided self massage, trigger point work, acupressure points and a short guided relaxation meditation to conclude the session. 

Thank you for considering this project, your participation will make a difference to your pain and the pain of many. 

To register your interest or ask me any questions, please email me at:

Thank you